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We are Philomathtutor.

We can be contacted at:

Telephone: 07780674559

The Philmathtutor Application Form is available upon written email request to us. Our full terms and conditions will be provided in conjunction with the Application Form and form part of our contract with you.

Our contract with you is formed at the point of us accepting your booking. No contract exists before that date.

Your booking is to be made on the Philomathtutor Application Foprm and signed by you. Your booking is an offer to us to enter into a contact with you. We are not obliged to accept your booking.

Before accepting your booking, we will review your Application Form. We may contact you via email to propose any necessary additions, amendments or adjustments. If you wish to accept these then you will return a revised re-signed Application Form inclduing any such additions, amendments or adjustments. We will then consider this revised Application Form.

If we accept your booking, we will do so in writing by returning your signed Application Form counter-signed by us.

Any variation to the services must be agreed by us in writing.

We will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and any other applicable data protection legislation concerning the processing of personal data.

We are unable to guarantee the success of any pupil in sitting any examination or assessments, undertaking any courses, participating in any interviews or submitting any application for any role or position or other status based on the services we provide. We cannot accept any liability for any failure of the pupil in connection with the services we provide.

Our terms and conditions and any contract we form with you are governed by English law and either party can bring legal proceedings in respect of the services only in the English courts.


"The support and guidance Robin provided me was truly invaluable. He helped me to grasp multiple forms of analysis and understand statistics in a way which I have not found before. I would recommend him in the highest regard."

"Robin is the most encouraging and enthusiastic maths tutor; he has helped me understand maths in a way that no one has done before. My confidence in maths grew and I really enjoyed studying maths again. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a positive and motivating tutor!"

"After working with Robin my daughter's confidence and attainment has massively improved.  From low confidence and erratic results to consistently top of the set.  In her words, 'He teaches maths how it should be taught.'"

"Robin is a hugely able and passionate mathematician with a rare gift of getting alongside a young person."

"Robin is a highly professional maths tutor in all respects. My son had lost his confidence with maths and has regained it since Robin has been teaching him. He is the best we have come across."

“Robin was the best tutor I have ever had! He is fun, vibrant, has so many interesting stories to share and is a great mentor. My lessons were always fun and I never saw the time pass.

I recommend him unreservedly and lucky is the student who will be taught by Robin!”

"Our son was in despair about his Maths and was convinced he would never pass his GCSE. Robin was not only patient but, most importantly, very encouraging, so much so that our son completely turned a corner and ended up with an A*"